New hires need a better introduction to their new working environment. If an organization fails to introduce its goals, culture, vision, and customs to the new hire, it might deal with a lot of problems. HRs and managers try their best to make new hires comfortable. But opening up to the seniors might be a bit difficult for new employees. So, organizations came up with a more reasonable idea, i.e., buddy system onboarding.

What is a Buddy Program?

The buddy program is a modern way of introducing new employees to work culture and customs. According to past observations, when a new employee works under constant guidance in the initial stage, one performs five times better. Buddy programs ensure that new hires are always under the guidance of someone who understands work, the company, and its culture better. Hence, it is one of the most efficient ways than conventional onboarding.

Who is a Buddy?

Normally, HRs, team managers, and team leads handle the onboarding process. But under a buddy program, seasoned employees assist new employees. The onboarding buddy responsibilities are managed by seasoned employees. These programs aim to make new hires more comfortable. They might feel hesitant while asking questions and stating their doubts in front of seniors. But they can comfortably ask the same from their team members and work more efficiently. So, under a buddy program, a new hire teams up with a seasoned employee and become buddies. After this, they work together until the new hire becomes comfortable and understands everything.

What is the Purpose of This Program?

Traditional onboarding programs focused on explaining everything about the work to the new hire. But current programs focus on different things. For instance, buddy programs emphasize improving familiarity with the company, its employees, and everyone around. The purpose here is to make new hires comfortable. Such programs are highly efficient compared to other conventional onboarding programs. Organizations can try these programs themselves and understand which one is better. They can also handle onboarding processes online. There are tonnes of new methods to try.

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